Collection: Gallery

Step into a world where artistry knows no bounds. We are honored to showcase the evocative works of Shawn Ashman and Roy Lumsden, masterful artists whose creations breathe life into varying categories of art.

Whether you are an ardent art lover or a curious observer, the Masterpiece Gallery is where memories are made, and the soul is stirred.

Welcome to our curated space of excellence.

There are new and unique pieces in the space that are not listed online and the artists are often present to give you insight on their work.  The prices are always better in person as you can interact with and make great deals and connection with the artists.

If you are looking for things to do in Kingston the gallery is a great spot for browsing the works and do a sip and paint session.  


Address:  The Summit (former Knutsford Court Hotel) - 16 Chelsea Avenue, Shop 47, Kingston 5

Contact:  876-410-5136