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Shawn Ashman

Side Hustle Coaching

Side Hustle Coaching

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Side Hustle Coaching Programme

Duration: Ninety (90) Days 

This is my signature programme that lasts for three (3) months, and is delivered online weekly with live Zoom sessions which will guide you to experience a shift in your life.  It is designed for professionals who are at their peak and who wish to pursue their passion on the side.  It is also designed for persons who will retire within the next five (5) years and are desirous to establish a business that will be their source of income after retiring.

I will take you through the business development process right up to attracting your first client. I will also have special webinars with subject matter experts to provide you with specific solutions in different key areas. You will align your desire to that of your business goals and get a path of success.

Included in the Package are the following:

  • An E-book – Earning on the Side that provides an overview on how to start a Business;
  • A workbook to use during each session;
  • A fifty (50) minutes weekly coaching session  on Zoom or on the phone;
  • Access to our online resources
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