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Shawn Ashman

Creating the Life you want - Manage your Time like a Pro

Creating the Life you want - Manage your Time like a Pro

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Creating the Life You Want

This 5 session programmme is designed to help you to get into alignment with the life that you want to live and not the life that you may currently be experiencing.  The aim is to get you to create a strategic plan for your life and devise creative and practical actions steps that will help you to achieve it.  I will walk you though my experience of building a life from living in despondency into living and working my passion. 

I will also give you a roadmap that will guide your path on finding your own equilibrium and Zen and managing your time more effectively.  At the end of the sessions you will know what you want to do with your life, what you will do/experience when and how you will want to feel at each milestone. 

The session will also involve designing a vision board that matches your plan so you will have a visual representation of what you new life will be and a time map to help you manage your time. 

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