Draw it Out Programme Solutions

The Draw it Out is a therapeutic art programme designed to support employee, children, parents, teachers and teens, Its designed to help individuals to draw out their pain and hurt using art and our specially crafted life on canvas framework.

 You can engage the Draw it Out programme by:

Implementing the programme in schools, offices, or institutions; where participants can work with our therapeutic journals to express themselves along with counsellors, teachers, coworker/s or parents.

We support our clients by:

1.  Conducting 2 hour workshops and intervention at customer location, for persons who are grieving, sad, despondent, recovering or unfocused. These sessions involve drawing, colouring, painting etc.; each session is customized.

2. Offering our online course for children ages 5+.  Students can participant in our e-course which is interactive and fun.  They can work along with their journal our in their drawing/notebooks at their own pace.

3. Join the Masterpiece Art Club in school and work with the Guidance Counsellors using both their journal and online course to draw it out.

4.  One Day Draw it Out Deep Dive Session - Where we work with participants to coach them through issues and give them tools to help them to move forward.

5.  30 Day Expansive Coaching Session for one-on-one or group participation to provide critical intervention strategies.

6. Office Programme - 3 Month Creative Intervention for the Office - This involves a variety of workshops designed to stimulate staff and support team cohesiveness.   

The programme has been ongoing in schools in the corporate area for parents, teachers and students and is being launched in 2024 in the workspace.