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Artist: Shawn Ashman

Untamed Elegance by Shawn Ashman

Untamed Elegance by Shawn Ashman

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Insight:     Print Untamed Elegance by Shawn Ashman

Medium:   Print on Canvas

Sizes:          Various

"Untamed Elegance" captures the essence of a woman who effortlessly marries the wild allure of nature with an innate sophistication. This painting is a vivid portrayal of raw beauty, strength, and grace, celebrating a unique blend of the primal and the refined.

This print is available in our gallery at 42 Old Hope Road, Shop #10, Kingston 5. Visit us for your local prices.

Shawn Ashman, a renowned Cubist and upcyclist artist who crafts motivational art pieces that intertwine vivid imagery with inspirational messages, captivating and uplifting audiences worldwide.

If you are looking for things to do in Kingston, the masterpiece gallery - is a great spot for browsing her work and do a sip and paint session. 

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