Draw it Out Workplace


The program offers a tailored therapeutic journal titled 'Sketching Work Balance – Crafting solace in the fray of deadlines.' Within its pages, participants can jot down thoughts, sketch, doodle, or colour. These activities aim to promote mindfulness, assisting participants in addressing and navigating their workplace challenges. The content of this book can be customized for your organization so that it reflects your strategies and goals.

 Each employee will get a copy.

3 Months Programme

Journal for each staff member 3 Creative Workshops Interactive Art Gallery Popup Mobile Studio - Workspace with art supplies and activities for staff each month.

Here is a list of workshop options that you might be interested in:

 Paint, Sip and Inspire - We provide instructions on how to paint a picture using the Life on Canvas Framework. The session is designed to coach the participants on each phase of the painting process.

  • Group Painting - Several individuals work on one canvas
  • Puzzle Paint and Sip - A group of persons paint sections of a painting individually during a paint sip and inspire event and at the end put the pieces together to forma big picture.
  • Life on Canvas - Abstract painting sessions where participants paint intuitively to create a work of art. The sessions are guided and supported based on a selected theme.
  • Vision Board - Using collage, each participant creates a personal vision board based on the workbook “The Art of the Vision Board”. The workbook takes persons through the goal setting process, allowing them to formulate a clear vision and path for their lives.
  • Creative Grieving - This session helps to provide release and acceptance using art. Working through the process and expressing and releasing pain and sorrow.
  • Therapeutic Colouring - a Meditative and mindful session that allows participants to journal and colour in a reflecting way.
  • Draw it Out - This workshop is designed to prompt users to reflect on life and release the feelings that are not beneficial to their growth and development.
  • Stress Management Using Doodles - This is an interactive session that promotes the use of lines, shapes and simple pictures to help persons release pent up anger and stress. The workshop also helps persons to identify stress and come up with creative ways to reduce or eliminate same.
  • Crafting Fun - This session allows persons to enjoy themselves by creating craft items.

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