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Sip and Paint and other Workshops

Our Art workshops in Kingston, Jamaica are educational and hands-on sessions that allow participants to learn practical life lessons while expressing themselves creatively. Workshops are led professional a artist, leader, entrepreneur and success coach who is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Art workshops cover a wide range of art mediums, such as painting, drawing, journaling, collaging, colouring and mixed media.

In an art workshop, participants can expect to receive instruction and guidance from the workshop leader, as well as ample time to experiment with the art medium and techniques. Workshops may also involve group discussions feedback sessions, allowing participants to work and share in a safe environment. 

Overall, art workshops offer a supportive and collaborative environment for individuals to explore their creativity, have fun, learn new skills, and connect with and resolve life challenges.

Our paint and sip workshops are uniquely fun and provide participants with a creative experience in a relaxed atmosphere.   We customize them uniquely for our client.

We Offer:

Paint, Sip and Inspire

Vision Board

Time Management

Stress Release 

Draw your Life and more