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Country House by Roy Lumsden

Country House by Roy Lumsden

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Title:  Country House

Size: 16" x 20"

Medium:  Acrylic on Canvas

Framed: No

In this evocative realism painting, an old Jamaican house stands as a testament to time's passage. Its weathered wooden panels, faded by the Caribbean sun, whisper tales of generations gone by. The zinc roof, rusted in patches, reflects the golden hues of the setting sun, adding warmth to the scene. Around the house, the verdant landscape of Jamaica flourishes, with towering coconut palms and dense tropical foliage lending a rich contrast to the structure's worn-out charm. The windows, slightly ajar, reveal gossamer curtains fluttering gently, suggesting a life lived simply yet fully. Every detail, from the crooked wooden steps to the vintage verandah chairs, is rendered with meticulous care, immersing the viewer in a bygone era of Jamaican history and culture.

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