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Artist: Shawn Ashman

Colourful Rasta 4 by Shawn Ashman

Colourful Rasta 4 by Shawn Ashman

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Insight:     Colourful Rasta

Medium:    Acrylic on Art Board

Size:          14" x 14"

Colourful Rasta" is a stunning portrait created by Shawn Ashman using a combination of cubism and modern approach. The painting features a Jamaican Rasta man with vibrant colors, celebrating the culture of reggae, tropical islands, and music.

The use of cubism in the painting creates a sense of fragmentation and complexity, with multiple geometric shapes and angles. The modern approach is evident in the composition of the painting, with bold lines and intricate details that draw the viewer's attention.

The use of vibrant colors is a striking feature of the painting, with shades of bright colours prominently featured. These colors represent the vibrancy and energy of Jamaican culture, particularly its music and the Rasta movement.

The Rasta man's image is captured in a way that conveys a sense of pride and confidence. He appears as a symbol of Jamaican culture, with his dreadlocks, bright clothing, and reggae-inspired accessories.


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