Programme Schedule

Programme Implementation Schedule for the Draw it Out Programme in Schools:


Concept Phase - Completed

Phase 1 - Design and development of the Art Journal and implement it in school (September 2022 - January 2023)

  • Raise Funds to start the project - partnered with NDTC and solicited sponsorship 
    • Work with stakeholders to design and develop book
    • Print journals and purchased crayons and packaging 

Soft Pilot Phase - Completed 

Phase 2: Preparation and Planning (2-20 weeks) - January - May 2023

  • Meet with school administration and Guidance Counsellor to discuss programme objectives, scope, and logistics. Completed 
  • Identify Counsellors, Art mentor/coach and PSA to lead the programme.
  • Develop a customised programme based on school needs and student requirements. Completed
  • Schedule programme dates and times, taking into account school calendar, exam periods, and other events. Completed

Phase 3: Programme Launch (4-8 weeks)- July - August 2023 - Ongoing

  • Introduce programme to students through an assembly or class announcement. Ongoing
  • Distribute journal and art materials to students. Ongoing
  • Conduct introductory session for students to explain the programme, its goals and objectives, and to familiarize them with the activities. Ongoing
  • Begin regular sessions, ideally once a week, and adjust the programme as needed based on student feedback and progress. Ongoing

Phase 4: Ongoing Implementation (8 Weeks)   - Ongoing

  • Continue with regular sessions, using a combination of meditative doodling, expressive art exercises, therapeutic art activities, and art journaling. 
  • Work with the Guidance Counsellor to identify students who may need additional support and collaborate with Psychologist to provide the necessary support.
  • Evaluate programme effectiveness through student feedback and progress, and adjust programme as needed.

Phase 5: Programme Assessment (3 Months) - December 2023

  • Conduct a programme assessment to evaluate its effectiveness in achieving the goals and objectives set out
  • Collect feedback from students, staff, and parents.
  • Review the data collected and identify areas for improvement.
  • Prepare a final report and present it to school administration and stakeholders.


The objective is to implement the project in at least 10 schools in Jamaica/Internationally using the above phased implementation strategy - January - June 2024 

We are in need of additional donations to move forward with this initiative.  Any support will be appreciated.